Recycle Your Old Vista or Later PC, Laptop or Mac for FREE

Phil Guy Computer & Repairs, based in Plymstock, Plymouth, offer a FREE recycling service for your old Vista or later laptop or PC.

Free Recycle your old computer
  • Have you just bought a new computer and don't know what to do with your old one?

  • Has your Vista or newer laptop, PC or Mac come to the end of it's life, is it broken?

  • Are you worried about your personal data still on your hard drive?

  • Would you like your data put onto media or transferred to your new machine?


Whether your Windows Vista or later PC, Laptop or Mac is working or broken we will recycle it for you including ancillary equipment such as keyboards, mice and working wide screen monitors (but not printers). What's more, we will securely erase the hard drive to Defence Department standards preventing anyone from ever accessing the data again or else physically destroy the drive if we are unable to access it on our testing bench. We'll even give you a certificate confirming that fact should you want one.  All this for FREE (please note that we cannot recyle XP or older machines or printers).

If you wish your data transferred to your new machine, provided that the data is recoverable and that you tell us where the data was stored on your old machine, and provided that you let us have either your new machine at the time of collection or a large enough storage device, for a small charge we will recover your data whenever it is possible and move it to the new media or your new machine.

Please note that under no circumstances will Phil Guy Computer & Repairs be liable for data loss when we perform equipment maintenance. We strongly recommend that you back up your data on a separate medium ( for example by DVD, external hard-drive, USB stick or on-line) on a regular basis. All business is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business, a printable version of which is available here.

Recycle your PC or Laptop for Free


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