Hardware Upgrades and Memory Upgrades

PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT WORK ON GAMING PCs OR LAPTOPS. Hardware upgrades come in the form of many different items ranging from internal or external components to peripheral equipment and accessories.  You may need them to achieve a task you were unable to do before or to make that task quicker or more manageable.

Plymstock, Plymouth Computer and Laptop Repairs, Phil Guy Computer & Repairs Caring Service for young and old - Hardware Upgrades and Memory UpgradesPhil Guy Computer & Repairs based in Plymstock, Plymouth, provides an extensive installation and upgrade service for home users and small businesses. Our service caters for a range of systems (which includes laptops and personal computers) and we can install or upgrade almost any component, equipment, accessory. This can range from Memory Upgrades (some additional RAM (Random Access Memory)) to increase your system's performance, an additional or larger hard drive to give you more storage space, dual display cards to support multiple monitors or a new motherboard and / or processor to take advantage of the latest technologies or simply the correct cabling to get the most out of your hardware.

Hardware upgrades however, do need a level of computer knowledge in order to match the right product with your existing system and your requirements, not to mention your pocket.  Care must be taken as incorrect products can damage / be damaged or conflict with your system or simply not work.  We purchase new and replacement products from leading UK retail outlets. You get reliable products from trusted vendors with full manufacturer warranties and at competitive prices and of course you get our knowledge in order to guide your purchase to the correct equipment.

We offer free general and practical advice if you would like to talk over your needs or discuss a situation without obligation.

We will always ensure that your new device(s) functions correctly with your existing software or hardware prior to completing any job.Plymstock, Plymouth Computer and Laptop Repairs, Computer Home Help Caring Service for young and old - Peripherals

Please note that under no circumstances will Phil Guy Computer & Repairs be liable for data loss when we perform equipment maintenance. We strongly recommend that you back up your data on a separate medium ( for example by DVD, external hard-drive, USB stick or on-line) on a regular basis. All business is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business, a printable version of which is available here.