Laptop Screen Repair & Replacement

Plymstock, Plymouth Computer and Laptop Repairs, Phil Guy Computer & Repairs Laptop Screen replacementPLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT WORK ON GAMING LAPTOPS OR LAPTOPS WITH TOUCH SCREENS.

 Is your laptop screen broken, glass smashed or cracked, displaying strange colours or bars. You don't need to throw away your laptop you can have it repaired usually at significantly lower cost than replacing your machine, let alone transferring all your programs and data.

Sometimes, the screen will not be cracked but will display strange colours shades or bars or even not work at all.  We will try to establish what is the fault as it could be several different things such as an internal cable come loose or broken or maybe a video chip malfunction.

Please be aware that there are thousands of different types of laptop screens, many models have more than one type of screen fitted to them dependent on where in the World they were assembled and it is very easy to purchase the wrong screen even though it appeared to be right for your model.  If the wrong screen is sourced it probably won't either fit the laptop or the video and electrical connections inside.

What Can We Do? Plymstock, Plymouth Computer and Laptop Repairs, Phil Guy Computer & Repairs Caring Service for young and old - Fault Finding and Repair

We will investigate the cause of the problem.  If it is the screen that is damaged, we will ensure that we order the correct replacement.  This often means that we may need to remove the original screen in order to ascertain the exact screen numbers from the rear.  We can then quickly get a replacement to get you up and running again.  If something else is broken, we can source, fit and test the component for you whether it be internal or external.  If it is a loose or broken cable we will investigate and restore it.  Sometimes it may be a video chip that is malfunctioning.  We will look into the viability of repair or replacement for you. 



Please note that under no circumstances will Phil Guy Computer & Repairs be liable for data loss when we perform equipment maintenance. We strongly recommend that you back up your data on a separate medium ( for example by DVD, external hard-drive, USB stick or on-line) on a regular basis. All business is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business, a printable version of which is available here.