Personal Tutorials


Phil Guy Computer & Repairs - Personal TutorialsWe offer one-to-one tutorials for personal computers and laptops in the comfort and security of your own home.  These tutorials are particularly popular with first time users and the elderly (our oldest client is 93!).  As they are totally personalised to your requirements, should you not remember something, no matter, we don't mind going over the same ground as often as you require. 

We can provide individually focused tuition from Basic Computer for those who have little or no experience with computers through to getting to grips with Windows Software including how to use the web and e-mail, use of printers, scanners etc. to a basic usage of the main Microsoft Office products.  There is no need to be scared of the computer, we want you to become enthused over what the personal computer or laptop can add to your life to either make it easier or more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Often, a set of sessions are bought by a loved one who wants you to enjoy the benefits of personal computing or to help them find a cheaper and more tangible way to get in touch with them and maybe grandchildren.

Some examples of how your computer can help you, make your life more enjoyable whilst saving you money.

  • Send letters and e-mail to people for free instead of using the postal service. 

  • See, hear and interact with loved ones for free even though they may be a long way away or even on the other side of the world.

  • Use free on line multimedia encyclopedias and video sites to bring a whole new dimension to the world around you.

  • Go shopping from the comfort of your own home, often saving you money whilst having it all delivered to your door.

Learn At Your Own Pace

The content of the tutorials is dictated by what you want to achieve with the software, as everyone uses a computer in a different way to fit in with their lifestyle, likes and dislikes.  Some clients pick up things very quickly whilst others take a little longer, not to worry, we understand, we don't mind going over things as often as you need until you feel comfortable.

You Control How Much You Learn and When

As each session is moulded around your needs, there is no set template to follow, we adjust the information we give you to stretch you but not overwhelm you.  We like to leave you with refresher exercises to help you remember the new things you will be able to do from the session but, you choose when your next session will be and when you think you have learnt enough.

No Need to Own A Computer

To help you get started, we can bring along a computer for a trial at no extra cost, which allows you to see what all the fuss is about without making the capital outlay to buy your own machine until you are ready to make that decision.

Your Safety Assured

To give you peace of mind, our staff hold an Enhanced CRB Check Certificate for working with Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Most clients choose to learn for between 1 and 2 hours at a time.   You can pay per session or for a block of sessions.