Connecting Wi-Fi, Devices and Printers

Many homes now have more than one computer and connecting multiple computers can be a convenient way of sharing files. More recently this has taken on a new dimension with people wanting to share video and media files from their computers over the home television and other hand held devices as well as to printers and storage devices. Plymstock, Plymouth Computer and Laptop Repairs, Plymstock Computer Repairs Connecting wi-fi, home networks and printers

Through your router / modem, devices can communicate with each other via direct cabling, through the mains electricity cables or through Wi-Fi (which is the abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity or Wireless Internet). There are other means of communication but they are not the subject of this page.

Your choice of broadband supplier can also have an effect on your productivity and the equipment that you should purchase.

Connecting up all these devices even just to installing a printer to work with your computer can be difficult for many people…....

so why not give us a call and we’ll assist you either in the choices that you can make that are right for you or we’ll help with the connections and installations.

Problems With Printers

Plymstock, Plymouth Computer and Laptop Repairs, Phil Guy Computer & Repairs Problems With Printers We often get calls from people because their printer is no longer talking to their computer or they are having trouble putting new ink cartridges in. Don’t worry, we can help. We have years of experience and with a little luck and expertise, we’ll be able to get things going again or tell you if the printer or some other piece of equipment isn’t working correctly.

Wi-Fi Not Working Correctly

Modems and routers don't always last forever, we'll get to the bottom of what is causing your problem. Also, people often state that their signal is not very strong in different areas of their property causing loss of connectivity or slow operation. There are a variety of excellent solutions to this. Contact us and we'll be able to discuss the most appropriate route forward tailored specifically to your needs.

Please note that under no circumstances will Phil Guy Computer & Repairs be liable for data loss when we perform equipment maintenance. We strongly recommend that you back up your data on a separate medium ( for example by DVD, external hard-drive, USB stick or on-line) on a regular basis. All business is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business, a printable version of which is available here.