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Below you will find samples of comments and Five Star reviews verified and left on Google, Yell, Freeindex and the like, by our clients about our service, they say it better than we ever can.

Alex Norster

I went to Phil after reading all his amazing reviews. I never write reviews but felt it really important to this time. We had a few horrible experiences at that well known PC retailer! I want to shout from the roof tops to tell everyone not to go there and to go to Phil Guy instead! He sorted out issues with our old laptop within 24 hours and I've just bought a lovely reconditioned one off him too. He's very helpful, informative and patient. He doesn't blind you with science like that other lot! Fab chap, top class service, we will be back. Thanks Phil.

Matthew Harris

Rung Phil at 9am, delivered by 10am and by 10.49 he rung me back explaining in detail what was wrong with my laptop and gave me solid advice what should be done. By 9 am the next morning laptop working in perfect order with all new parts upgrades and protection. 100% will be using again.

Tony Dane

This Guy is awesome. Phil renovated my old Laptop as it was slower than a stoned tortoise. In only a few days and for the fraction of the cost of a new laptop he fixed it to the point where its faster than when it was new. I can not recommend phil any more. He is amazing and at a reasonable cost too.

Trudi Hewitt

I recently bought a refurbished HP laptop from Phil and I'm very pleased with it. Phil is very helpful and knowledgeable, and didn't hesitate to offer help over the phone when I initially contacted him about my old laptop, he doesn't try to push anything on to you and in fact I could have carried on using my old laptop after Phil explained how to get it going again (it was a battery problem) and I was so relieved to have not lost my files and data. The new laptop came complete with windows 10 and anti virus installed, all for about half of what I was expecting to pay from elsewhere for a comparative machine. Thanks Phil.

Karyn Marsden

Phil fixed my clunky 12 year old laptop and it’s now working super fast. For a really reasonable price I now have a laptop which is as good as a new one. It took less than 24 hours. Great service. Would definitely recommend.

Dave Milsom

GREAT SERVICE AGAIN FROM PHIL GUY Have used Phil on numerous occasions and always have had great service and results from him. Really knows his stuff and has recently brought my computer back from extinction after I contacted him following a major computer error on my system. He is also willing to attend your home to sort things out - previously he has visited to do a 'service' on my machine to clear lots of unwanted bugs on it. A first class service with a vast knowledge of computers and systems and his prices are extremely reasonable for the work he undertakes. He also gives advice on buying new computers, sound systems and other such gadgets. Would recommend every time. Fantastic.

John Welsford

Phil repaired and upgraded my laptop and I got it back in less than 24 hours. Very pleased with his work and advice.

Andy Vodden

EXCELLENT WORK Excellent work from diagnosis to repair, I was back up and running within 24 hours.

Steve Winter

First class service, I am 100% happy and would recommend and use again.

Kenneth Hoare

Quick to respond and kept me informed of the repair, plus with helpful advice for going forwards. Much appreciated.

Roy Taylor

Excellent service, fast and efficient. Very reasonably priced.

Barbara Wray

FANTASTIC SERVICE. Came to the rescue of a 'Damsel in distress' (me) when I got the dreaded Black Screen : Phil sorted it on the same day. Fantastic service. Very happy.

Adam Biggs

QUICK, PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE SERVICE I called Phil in the morning, after trying other repair companies. He collected my device, and had it repaired the same day. He charges a very reasonable rate. Definitely will use him again.

Mary-Jo Cookson

GREAT SERVICE We were very pleased with the service offered by Phil He solved our laptop problem quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. Would totally recommend as a go to IT person. Very Covidaware and careful too!

Tony Bowden

ASSURANCE WITH SPEED. As always Phil sorted out and fixed my problem very quickly and efficiently. Couldn't ask for better service.

Ken Tonkin

FIRST CLASS! Can be relied upon to quickly attend to sort out a problem, either coming to you or remotely.

Brian Kirtley

Phil fixed my notebook and returned it to my home the same day. I had just about given up on the problem. I will certainly be in touch if I have any other problems. Thank you phil.

Natalie Preston

I have a Lenovo laptop that is 3 years old and had 2 misbehaving fans (quite a common fault it seems). It was so noisy to run which meant I couldn't take it to meetings. I went to another repair shop who said it would be £250 to repair which then makes you think well I may as well buy a new laptop. Reluctantly I looked for a new laptop and the same spec as mine was £800. I hate waste and care about the environment so thought I would seek a second opinion and I found Phil. He had to send away to China to replace one of the fans and repaired the second. Costing me £100. He also gave it a quick service too. Absolutely delighted to have found Phil. Not only am I extremely pleased with the result for myself he also saved the environment 1 less wasted electronic device. What a star!

Sarah Lawrence

Phil is one of those people you want to recommend to all your friends. I was unable to open microsoft office and after following all the threads on microsoft community support was unable to fix it. I called Phil at lunchtime on a Friday just before Christmas. Although he had finished for the Christmas break, he kindly said he would look at my computer that day. I felt within a few minutes of meeting him that I could trust him and that he was very competent and by the end of the day he had fixed the computer (which included removing viruses - which had got in before I upgraded my anti-viral software). He also cleaned out the dust that can build up in computers. It now runs a lot better and with the advice he has given me, I feel I know how to keep it running well and all this was done at a reasonable price.

Mike Smith

From the moment I contacted Phil, I knew I was in the hands of a professional. I dropped off my 'broken computer' to Phil and within three hours he contacted me to explain the problems and the solutions. He gave me the cost of repairs plus parts required there and then. I was happy for him to proceed and after a couple of days (he had to order the part) the computer was repaired. He also fine tuned various parts of the computer after which it was running faster than I can ever remember and with the new part, is so quiet, I can't tell if its on or off!! Brilliant job and great service at a reasonable cost. Would not hesitate to recommend Phil to my family and friends.

Alan Clements

RED LETTER DAY FOR A SILVER SURFER ! I'm a 73 year old silver surfer who uses a computer but lives in constant fear of doing something on my laptop that causes it to crash!  I like what is understandable to me and as such I continued to work with Windows 7 right up to the last possible moment which happened to be Tuesday 14th Jan. 2020. That was the day Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7 and the point when continued use would leave me vulnerable to all sorts of potential problems. It was also the day when my prayers for help and guidance were answered because it was the day I made contact with Phil Guy. I told Phil about my dilemma and asked what could be done. Within 24 hours Phil not only upgraded my laptop to work with Windows 10 he also gave it a complete health check and cleansed it of all sorts of nasty viruses which my very expensive anti-virus programme had failed to detect. He explained everything that needed to be done and did it. His fees were very reasonable and I couldn't be happier. 10/10.

Peter Binns

Good value; trustworthy service. Excellent service from Phil. He set out the options and the cost involved clearly and delivered exactly as promised. Good value and a trustworthy man.

Mark Bailey

MY EXPECTATIONS WERE EXCEEDED I feared the worst when my 12 year old Dell desktop PC failed to power up. I'd been doing a lot of photo scanning and with my monthly backup a few days away I faced the prospect of losing a lot of recent work. I phoned Phil to explain the problem and he asked me to bring the PC to him so he could investigate and do the requisite diagnostics, which I duly did. He opened it up and immediately could see a significant build up of dust inside which wasn't helping, but warned me that component failure was still a possible cause. He explained a variety of options open to me, dependent on what he later found, and I left feeling reassured that one way or another my data wouldn't be lost. I was delighted to receive a phone call around an hour later saying it was up and running again after a thorough clean and re-seating of internal components and I collected my PC the same afternoon. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and the speed of service, and would recommend Phil wholeheartedly..

Peter Dyson

VERY GOOD Very helpful. Recovered laptop from virus infection, saved the data and got it running again very quickly. Very happy with Phil's service and would strongly recommend him.

David Blackhurst

EXCELLENT SERVICE Phil has provided an excellent service, repairing hardware malfunctions and updating my laptop software over several years, to date, at a very reasonable cost.

Trevor Shaw

COMPUTER REPAIR. Rapid and excellent service.

Ian Fallon

POSITIVE AND WOULD CERTAINLY USE AGAIN. Fast, efficient, polite, helpful and all at a reasonable cost. Nothing more could be asked.

Sarah Lawrence

GREAT LOCAL SERVICE I will definitely go to Phil again with any computer issues and I have recommended him to my friends. This is the second time I have taken my computer to him now - this time to have Windows 10 installed – the previous time because my computer wasn’t working properly due to viruses. Phil did a great job both times. He is knowledgeable about computers and computing in general. He is reliable and was able to do both jobs within the timeframe I requested. There is a personal touch to Phil’s work. He takes the time to explain to you anything you might need to know that will help you to use your computer more effectively. He has also saved me money by letting me know about software I don’t need to have on my computer! I can definitely recommend him.

Rhys Watkins

GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY AND EFFICIENT SERVICE! I had a problem with my laptop screen and needed it fixed quickly for work. Phil was able to look at the problem, diagnose it, order the part and repair it in a couple of days (pc world hadsaid it would take 3 weeks). He kept me in the loop and even dropped off the laptop when it was ready. Plus he did it all for a very reasonable price.

Stephen Vickery

Fantastic service, called Phil on a Sunday as computer died, arranged to to be repaired, he even let me drop it out on a Sunday as it was more convenient to me. Phil filled me with confidence and showed that he had great in depth knowledge, got computer back within 24 hours fully working, infact it has never worked better. Would highly recommend.

Dennis Draper

I thought I'd lost everything on my PC when Windows 10 would not open but thanks to Phil he was able to locate the problem and copied my files on to a new hard drive. After that his advice was much welcome should any future problems occur.

Heather Roche

Very happy, sorted my computer, explained what he was doing. Would recommend.

Jess Daniels

Phil repaired my ancient laptop perfectly, cant fault the service he offers! Very reasonable prices.

David Savage

Excellent service, many thanks, highly recommended.

Bill Bartley

I would just like to say a big Thank You for getting my old Win95 computer working again after fitting a new Graphics Card and giving the inside a long needed good clean which was not helping the performance. We (my wife and I) are also very impressed with the collection, speed of turnaround and indeed the price you charged. We would certainly use your services again and would highly recommend your professional know-how to anyone requiring their computer sorting out.

Ronnie Stewart

Phil is a magician, had a few problems with our computer with the graphics and turning it on, a quick phone call and our knight came to the rescue ...very efficient, very friendly and very professional ...good value for service....recommended to the full.

Damian Lawrence

Sorted my broken external hard drive out in a day and saved all the files. completed this job quicker than I expected for a fair price. very pleasant chap too. recommended.

Robin Davies

Just wanted to thank you for the work you did last week reinstalling windows 10 on my dad’s Zoostorm PC. I took it over to him yesterday and was able to set up it just as he likes it so he was very pleased with what you did (as I am). It is working well.  Best wishes.

Lesley Jamieson

I would definitely recommend Phil Guy. After nearly throwing my computer at the wall because it was so slow and wouldn't connect to my printer (despite being looked at by a different computer firm) I found his website. He diagnosed the problem within a few minutes and I now have a laptop that works like new. I had it upgraded to Windows 10 too. Phil has subsequently sorted my mothers and daughters laptops. Thank you.

Charlie Taylor

I couldn't recommend Phil Guy highly enough. Efficient and honest and extremely pleasant.

Victoria Stidwell

Very happy with my laptop, good advice from someone who knows what they are talking about for a change!

Luke Fleet

PC running sweet, great job Phil.

Jane Martin

Called Phil and he took possession of my computer immediately and delivered it back to me the very next morning working perfectly. He is very knowledgeable and does not over charge. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Roger Woodland

I cannot recommend Phil Guy highly enough. His service is excellent. My laptop had wine spilt on it and wouldn't turn on. Nothing was backed up so I was frightened that I had lost everything. Phil was able to retrieve everything and then set up my new laptop exactly as the old one. He kept me informed, no surprise extras, honest straightforward service. Brilliant.

Terry Broadhurst

I have used Phil for a number of years to look after my laptops. I am self employed and the use of the laptop is vital for the work I do. Phil has provided a excellent user friendly and cost effective service over recent years. A recent problem with my laptop was fixed by Phil by the time specified and to the estimate. I could have taken this to the provider (well known national), but could not face the delays, debate (or lack of it) over the problems etc . Phil provides a great service and goes the extra mile with people like me who don't understand IT stuff. Terry Broadhurst.

Ken Gibby

It was a great result, I have been using the computer since repair with no connection issues. A brilliant piece of diagnoses on your part. I'm so grateful that you could fix the problem. It was so bizarre that the problem came about as I recently changed ISP, and also on top of the the previous issue that you fixed by remote control. It was so easy to jump to the wrong conclusion with my very limited knowledge of computers. But it is what it is. Thank you again.

James Longmore

A very reliable and trustworthy service.


I lost 3 and a half days of work on a spreadsheet, Phil was able to recover a hidden previous version, I can't tell you how grateful I am in not having to sift through, sort and enter all that data again.

John McLean

Every Laptop issue I’ve had, Phil has fixed with interest. He explains what the issue was and what he has done to fix it. Highly recommend.

Neil Hooper

Excellent local computer repairs, have used Philip Guy more than once.

Tracey Rebeiro

I am writing to share my positive experience with Mr Guy and 'Phil Guy Computer & Repairs'.  I bought a new laptop... then knew I was unsure of what to do next (I have very limited knowledge of computers).  I telephoned Mr Guy between Christmas and New Year, when most businesses are closed and arranged to leave the laptop and software with him for install.  Mr Guy delivered the laptop back to me and had me up and running the very next day, he took the laptop out of the box and when he left my home I was connected to the internet and printer with all my software installed!  His service was prompt, professional and I was able to ask lots of questions which he answered.  I feel I must write this review to share with other new customers, “If you need Plymstock Computer Repairs do contact Phil Guy for all your Computer Repair needs in Plymstock”... I know I will certainly use his services again.

Paul White

I run a small financial services business and my computers, printers and IT Equipment are very important to me.  I also have to have someone who is trustworthy as they have to pass my strict compliance approval system.  Phil Guy Computer & Repairs' work has been exceptional and it has improved the efficiency of my business 100%.   Also if a problem is simple they will tell you that and not let it drag out at unrealistic cost to your business.

Kelly Knight

Excellent service, extremely reasonable and ultra speedy!!  My knowledge of computers is terrible so glad to have found a local, helpful, friendly company!!  Would highly recommend!!!

Edward Parkin

Prompt, completely reliable, very knowledgeable and willing to explain the problem(s).  I have no hesitation in recommending the service provided by Phil Guy Computer & Repairs.

Shaun Ryder

Thanks again for sorting my laptop so quickly Phil. It's all working great now and *** software went on a dream. I will certainly be recommending you. Cheers.

John Hortop

I am not very good with computers and needed my computer to be sorted so it would function faster / better.  The service that I have received has been second to none.  Even after the home visits when I have needed clarification of a point, nothing has been too much trouble.   An excellent service.