Activate Malwarebytes for Windows Premium

Customers must activate Malwarebytes for Windows Premium to use Premium features such as Real-Time Protection (absolutely essential to protect you on the internet as otherwise Malwarebytes will only be passive and search when you ask it by which time an infection could have taken hold).  A Premium licence key can be purchased from Phil Guy Computer & Repairs at a 25% discount.

Have your Premium licence key ready and follow the instructions in this article to activate Malwarebytes for Windows Premium.


1.      Open Malwarebytes for Windows (look for the Blue Bat symbol Malwareybtes Logo)..

·         Search for Malwarebytes on your computer or Download and install Malwarebytes for Windows.


2.      At the top right of the window, click Activate Licence (Activate License does not appear if Malwarebytes for Windows Premium is already active).


3.      Click the Licence Key box then enter your licence key which you can purchase at a 25% discount from Phil Guy Computer & Repairs.



4.      Click Activate Licence to activate Malwarebytes for Windows Premium.


5.      After you activate your licence, the top left corner of the window displays Malwarebytes | Premium.



6.      After activation is complete, Malwarebytes for Windows Premium starts a threat scan and turns on Real-Time Protection.
Note: It takes a few moments for protection to start.